Sony Pictures Imageworks


Sony Imageworks wanted to establish their animation production division’s presence in Vancouver. Fusion Projects joined the facilities relocation team early on, together with the client company’s VP of Global Facilities and their real estate partner, eventually selecting an 18,000 sq. ft. studio at 1128 Homer.

Fusion fast-tracked a set of plans and detailed budgeting for the construction and built a brand new, highly advanced IT/server room connecting with Imageworks’ mainframe in California. Fusion worked with the client’s project team, not only on the IT side but also on their furniture standard, to create new ‘state of the art’ viewing rooms and specialty meeting rooms incorporating advanced video conferencing equipment.

Services Rendered
  • Construction Management
  • Furniture Coordination
  • Interior Design & Consulting Service
  • IT Solutions
  • Move Management Services
  • Pre-Lease Relocation Budgeting
  • Project Management
  • Site Due Diligence
  • Space Analysis & Strategy