Business Development Manager + Project Principal

Brad McArthur joined Fusion Projects in 2016 after 11 years of industry experience as a Site Superintendent, Estimator and Project Manager. Working closely with trades, clients, engineers and city officials, Brad has learned how to work collaboratively with many stakeholders in order to achieve quality work on his projects. He moved with ease from field work into an estimation and project management role and then, with that experience under his belt, he transitioned just as easily into a business development role within the office environment. Brad thoroughly enjoys the relationship building that is such a large part of his Business Development role, as he thrives in creating trust and strong relationships with clients, co-workers, trades and consultants in order to assist his clients in streamlining their business moves and renovations. Brad’s solid construction and administration knowledge in the Office, Retail, and Industrial sectors within the Lower Mainland, coupled with his relationship building skills, provide a strong foundation of trust and confidence with his clients.